oh help // in like with chen, kai, sehun, luhan, ok u know what, in love with all of them depending on my mood. that's the good thing about having 12 in a group yknow. (you also have a hell of a bias list, it's a monstrous shapeshifter, that one.)
eH, NO.
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jongin showing off his teleportation powers

#omygoddd#kim jongin#kai


可爱; cute

可爱; cute

Kai 130531
Kai 130531

jongin’s reaction to the taste of the bitter gourd drink

+ baekhyun’s face while watching


#I just want to say that this was my favourite thing out of the entire show#watching baekhyun the drink twice was like heaven come to earth#baekhyun

cute shit that makes me really mad